Tags: software, development, automation

RE-Applications developed software in the program language which profiles itself best for the selected project, this can go from Visual Basic 6, MS Access VBA, MS Words VBA, C++, Java but also the .NET platform is supported (VB, ASP and C#) and this in combination with SQL Server 2000 or MySql.

Also include are low level programming or hardware PC control for PC and PIC microcontrollers.

Especially the low level programmings are important for developing small-scale electronics and/or automation projects.

Up to the developed projects belong:

Coda text file decoder for financial applications that use Isabel as a bank connection.
An explorer object for integration in MS Access 2000.
Specific reporting and data warehousing applications for machine projects.
VB2Java_LayoutCoder demo application to translate source Visual Basic 6 layout (*.frm) files to Java.
RE Snap Shot, a freeware screen shot program to easily develop manuals.
Special interface dll for the K8055 USB I/O card from Velleman and included VC++ project.
Software development (PicProg2006) and electronic design of the multifunctional Pic (MicroShip) programmer K8076 from Velleman.
Special VC++ en C# interface dll with demo project for the K8061 USB I/O card from Velleman.