PicProg 2006 updated to PicProg 2009

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PicProg2009 was developed in cooperation with Velleman to create the new K8076 kit. The program uses the COM port to control the programmer.

Go to the Velleman K8076 page.

Download the latest version v3.0.0.5

10F200, *10F202, *10F204, *10F206, 12C508A, 12CE518, 12F508, 12F509, 12F629, *12F635, 12F675, *12F683, 16F54, 16F57, *16F59, 16F627, 16F628, 16F627A, 16F628A, 16F630, *16F631, *16F636, *16F639, *16F648A, 16F676, *16F677, *16F684, *16F685, *16F687, *16F688, *16F689, 16F690, 16F785, 16F84A, *16F87, 16F870, 16F871, 16F872, *16F873, *16F873A, *16F874, *16F874A, 16F876, 16F876A, 16F877, 16F877A, 16F88, *16F882, 16F883, *16F884, *16F886, *16F887, **18F1220, 18F1320, *18F2220, 18F2320, *18F4220, 18F4320, *18F2221, *18F2321, *18F2410, *18F2420, 18F2450, *18F2455, *18F2480, *18F2510, *18F2515, *18F2520, *18F2525, 18F2550, *18F2580, *18F2585, *18F2610, *18F2620, *18F2680, *18F4221, *18F4321, *18F4410, *18F4420, *18F4455, *18F4480, *18F4510, *18F4515, *18F4520, *18F4525, *18F4550, *18F4580, *18F4585, *18F4610, *18F4620, *18F4680

Not tested microcontrollers (*)